Monday, April 11

life gets crazy.

it's true.
and more specifically, at work.
my coworker is getting a knee replaced and will be out for the next 6 weeks.
which means i'm going to be working my buns off until he gets back.
so if my posting becomes a bit sporadic or non-existent, you know why.

also, i added some new stuff at the top of the blog.
some new pages {to be exact}.
i also just made a FB fan page!
so if you feel like making me smile,
go "like" the new fan page.

and last but not least...

the husband & penelope cuddling sunday morning.

it was too adorable.



Andrea Neudorf said...

Have fun at work! I'm off to check out all your new links up top:)

Laura said...

Aw - men and cats are just too adorable together! And I love the new tabs - they are so handy when navigating blogs! Sorry about the anticipated increased workload, but we'll all be anxiously awaiting your return to a normal posting schedule!

for now said...

your use of the word 'buns' made my week :) boo to 6 weeks but yay for peen looking just too cute!

Maggy said...

oh how sweet her face is!