Sunday, March 6


bffk {best friend forever kyle} was in town this weekend.
so we got together with everyone.

we did dinner.
{husband, bffk & chantelle}

then we wandered to main street and did some karaoke.

then the husband and i watch too many episodes of jersey shore.
{i love this picture of them... sooo much}

now we're off to dinner at my mom's house!

what did you do this weekend?


for now said...

I will forever have an affinity for The Cure and you thanks to magical karaoke.

kristin elena. said...

ha!!! that photo of the jersey shore cast is hilarious.

this wkend i got german food w/ my sis and we went to the aquarium. and today i hung out w/ my 2 best ladies at one's new house. it's been a good, good wkend. not looking forward to tomorrow at all. :[

defining amy said...

sorry. i meant to love, not like this post!! i love your blog, and i need to watch jersey shore. i know i would love that too.

mj said...

ha jersey shore. we were once invited to a jersey shore party and my husband refused to dress like "those tools" so he dressed like a homeless person on the "jersey shore" weird.

Brittany said...

such a lovely lovely blog! i've never watched jersey shore but i've heard it's pretty entertaining and almost ridiculous, i will have to watch an episode or two!!

Ashley said...

Oh wow...I love me some Jersey Shore! Cabs are Heaaaaah! ;)

Brissa said...

aahaha. i love that picture of them! so classy.