Sunday, March 20

weekend re-cap.

i've been at home, all alone this weekend.
the husband had to unexpectedly go out of town...
and due to work, i couldn't join him.
{sad face}

so i kept myself busy.
here's my weekend re-cap:

i met up with lib, clyde & julie at
{downtown salt lake}
it was our last friends lunch before lib has her baby!
 me & lib

clyde & julie

pretty lanterns

then i went home to pack an overnight bag
for a sleepover with my mom.
{aka: bev-mom}

and while i was packing,
penelope was being oh so sweet.

then bev-mom & i went to arella for some din din...

 on saturday morning i  went to ikea with bev-mom.
{future post to come! yay!}

after, i met some friends.
{chantelle, sam, dean & natalie to be exact!}
we went to an antique shop, then a matinee
and came back to my house
to watch a little basketball.
chantelle & i aren't that into sports,
so we played with my finger puppets.

fishy kissy...

then we decided to make a finger puppet scene!
it's called: safari meets ocean.

now i have a sore throat.
maybe from all the shouting i did while playing settlers of catan last night?
{wait... was i shouting?? i don't remember...}

either way, i'm staying in today.
if i become motivated enough,
i may even reorganize my closet...
it's a pretty big disaster.

hope you all had a great weekend!



kimberly ann said...

friends, tea, sweet kitty, ikea, antique shop, pizza.....! sounds like an amazing weekend to me :) i'm jealous- all i did was relax at home ;)

Kathleen Carla. said...

aw thanks so much lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following your blog on blog lovin' :). and aww what cute pictures!! i loove all those little finger puppets! hehe. hope you had an amazing weekend girly! :)

<3, Kathleen.

kristin e bazan. said...

busy wkend! i love those lanterns, so cute. and those finger puppets are darling! how fun. :]

Mary Nevin said...

cute photos!! penelope is the best name for a cat ever

ginnifer said...

penelope is adorable! thanks for following my blog - you're my first one *blush*

Kacie said...

you are adorable :) and i think we have the same LOVE for hipstamatic ;)

for now said...

you. were. shouting...

love alllll of this

katie.michelle said...

Penelope is absolutely adorable. Love the picture, love the kitty, love the name!!! <3

Kimberlee said...

Not sure which is my favorite the adorable paper lanterns or the hilarious finger puppets. Both make me happy.

Elia said...

thanks for your comment! i'm love your blog, very cute. those fingure puppets are amazing!

Elia Marie

Brissa said...

i love the finger puppets!! oh and the first time i played settlers i won. wicka whhhat?!

Mighty Burns said...

lol it looks like you did a very good job of staying busy! love the ocean safari scene job well done :)