Tuesday, March 22

those were the days...

i was finding myself a bit nostalgic as of late.
when i drove around downtown,
i saw places that reminded me of certain times in my life...
old friends. old boyfriends. old hangouts.
i thought to myself,
those were the days.

then i came home from work today.
and there he was.
waiting for me to walk in the door.
then i thought to myself,
no, these are the days.

i love my life & husband & where we're at.
i'm excited for what the future holds for me, for us.
i'm even more excited that i have him by my side,

the entire way.

he always has my back.
he loves me unconditionally.
he makes me laugh, everyday.
he's my best friend.

i'm so glad he's home now.
i really, really missed him.


Alena said...

Love this post. Coming home to someone that you love and that loves you is one of the best feelings in the world.

Brooke said...

aww, this is so sweet! I love your blog :)

Nicole said...

This post is TOO CUTE. LOVE!!!

Erin Dawn said...

I get that way too...flooded with memories, pining for days past...then I realize that I've got it good in the present and I'm so grateful for it. This was a sweet, sweet post.

(Also, thanks for the info on Impossible Project! I'm always slightly nervous when ordering from a new place online...)

for now said...


Mighty Burns said...

aw my goodness thats adorable. I am so happy you are happy :) lol. I think it is wonderful you know what you have and how to love this time in your lives

Ashley said...

Such a SWEET and heartfelt post. I love that you are loving TODAY! :)

Delaney said...

this is such a cute post. This is how I feel about my special man. I feel so beyond blessed.

Fin Ryder said...

I love this post, it is so sweet.

Very happy to be following you back :)

Simple Life Journey said...

Adorable post! He sounds like a keeper!

Anonymous said...

love your post! Made me realize the same thing. Coming home to someone who you love and who's a best friend is awesome!

Kuleigh said...

This is really sweet! Well put.

Absolute Novice said...

I have a tiny bit of perfume left in a bottle that I used to wwear in High School and whenever I smell it it triggers a flood of memories. I like looking back but where I am now is amazing & I wouldn't have it any other way.
Very sweet post! And I'm glad you man is home :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet. Your blog is just adorable. xo