Friday, March 25

spring & summer hair: part 3.

who knew re-growth would be awesome to have!
{most folks say "roots", but i'm a cosmetologist, so i say "re-growth"...
 because your "roots" are in your scalp. *think tree roots}

i'm doing this in a couple of weeks!



Pia said...

I WISH I could pull off this look. I really really do. Sigh.

Brianne said...

Ooooh *ombre*!! Love it. :)

Cecilia Warner said...

i love this look as well. i've NEVER colored my hair before though. i'm so happy i found your blog you have the cutest photos and i love your style of writing. if you have a minute you should check out my blog ^-^

love your newest follower <3

Kate said...

Ahh, I totally love this look! I wish I was brave enough to try it... Maybe I will this summer when I get a bit tanner. Have you tried it?

Thanks for the follow! I'm officially following you as well!



thanks for the add, i really appreciate it..
p.s. the kitty in you header is the cutest thing ever! i looove animals..give penelope a kiss on her perfect little kitty nose for me :-)

Cup of Natali said...

You are precious!

elisabeth said...

thanks natali :)

che'lyssa said...

I LOVE this look. I'm thinking about getting my hair done like this :)

Thanks for the follow too. Your blog is wonderful!

♥ Che'

Natalie said...

Hey - who knew that mistake last October would help me be fashionable this spring?! That never happens!

I'm Natalie, and I'm your newest fan! (And number 100 - do I win a prize?!) :) Happy Weekend!

amy said...

Although, I'll never color my own hair. I'm all for others spicing up their locks.. And I'm so so glade ill colored shades are out of style. This is a beautiful look*

kisses, hope to hear from you
amy !

TrophyBoutique said...

Yeah! If I had more hair, this is what I would do too....go for it, girl.

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Oooh, I am wanting to do this soon too! Love the low-maintenance aspect of it all too:-) xoxo

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

im too scared to go ombre :(.

your blog is lovely.

Helen, X

Bree said...

I had my hair on it's way to this, but then I had to dye it back to normal blonde because of grad pictures. I was a little upset!

sarah nicole said...

I know that you are going to look amazing with hair like this.


When I see it, I can't help but think of Michelle Money. I miss her.


Chelsealauren said...

I absolutely a d o r e the melting/ombre hair!

I used to have it and did a couple posts on it!
Check 'em out :)

x chelsea

Fi Figueroa @ Previously Owned said...

Yay for ombre! I have my hair like that. But it sorta happened thanks to a shampoo with chamomile that I didn't know would lighten the hair. Now that I stopped using it, it left me with light brown to blondeish ends. Haha still, I wanna go deeper, get the ends almost white! Haha but, yeah... Now I can't find the organic chamomile shampoo I had bought.

Btw, awesome blog!