Monday, February 21

my weekend finds.

i did a little thrifting with my mom saturday morning
we found a couple of treasures.

a 1950's turquoise sunbeam mixmaster
it's in working condition!
although, it's missing the larger of the two bowls that it originally came with.
i'm sure i can find one on ebay or something.


 a 1972 minolta hi-matic f.
also in working condition.

i was really happy.
especially since i wasn't really looking for anything.

i love thrifting with my mom.
i think i need to do it more often.

what did you do this weekend?



Kimbirdy said...

i love the pretty blue mixer!! what a great find. also, i have been listening to the new radiohead album all weekend. i love them and the accessibleness of their albums!

Mighty Burns said...

I think I need to too!I used to go with my sister every sunday (Sister Sunday of course) but that sounds like fun!

Sophie said...

oh I have been looking for a camera exactly like that! what a lucky find! cant wait to see the pictures from it xx

Ally said...

Oh my god oh my god! So jealous of both of those. I wish thrift shops had cool things here, not just pilly old sweaters from discount stores.

Becca said...

oooweee i loveee that mixer!!!

Daniel said...

LOVE the mixer. Boy that takes me back to my childhood!!

Your camera collection will grow by two more. As soon as we can get together and I can give them to you!


Kimberlee said...

That 1950's turquoise sunbeam mixmaster? To. Die. For.

Trying to contain the jealousy.