Friday, February 18

friday favs.

i'm obsessed with beauty products.
i don't know if it was because i went to cosmetology school?

regardless, i love find quality products that are reasonably priced.
{i'm also willing to splurge occasionally}

for me, this mask is one of those.
i actually bought it on a whim at target one day.

the brand is called yes to.
and really great.
i bought 3 kinds of masks:

they've all done they're job, and well.

if you see them at the store,
give 'em a shot.
you may be pleasantly surprised.


Kathleen said...

yes yes and yes. i love this brand. I am kind of a beauty product snob and this stuff really impressed me. I even love their shampoo!

kelcy ☼ said...

I just looked through my products and realized I've been using the Yes To you inspired me to go to Target today and get the Yes To Cucumbers (for soothing skin).

Thanks! Keep the product recommendations coming! :)