Monday, January 31

because i'm the luckiest girl in the world.

it's one of those days that i've been completely overcome with gratitude.
nothing special happened...
i just realized that i'm so happy in life and can't even wrap my mind around it.

life isn't easy, for anyone.
there will always be hard times and things to overcome...
and for some, things you may have to work on the rest of your life.

but, you can't dwell on them.
and at some point you have to realize that no matter who are you are where you are in life,
things really are ok.

i have an amazing husband that i love more and more everyday...
i didn't know you could feel this way about someone.
he's my soul mate.

i have amazing parents & family & in-laws.
i love being with them.
and they're always there for me when i need them.
and did i mention i also have the most adorable nephews (and soon to be niece) in the world?
cause i really do.

my friends are incredible.
they're all so smart and amazing.
they always make me laugh.

i have a good, stable job.
my house is warm and there's always food on the table.
my kitty loves to love me.

and i'm just so happy.
i'm walking around with a perma grin.

this year is going to be incredible.
2011, you look promising.
so many changes, exciting changes.
i feel like it's the first day of the rest of my life....
and i can't wait.



Shalyn said...

That is the sweetest thing- glad you are having such a good week/2011/life:-) It is going to be a good year, for sure!

Mighty Burns said...

I love when I get that "everything is wonderful" glow :)