Tuesday, December 7

winter mix - vol. 1

who's ready for the winter mix!?
well, even if you aren't, i sure am.
some songs new, some songs old.
but, all are fitting!
just keep in mind that these are not holiday songs.
you might notice that i have 3 laura gibson songs.
the first time i ever saw laura live was in the dead of winter in '06...
so i guess i just associate her with winter.

but you'll love her.
cross my heart.

1. bon iver
song: blood bank

2. mariee sioux
song: flowers and blood

3. damien jurado
song: hoquiam

4. rachael cantu
song: run all night

5. horse feathers
song: finch on saturday

6. laura gibson
song: glory

7. joshua james
song: winter storm

8. laura gibson
song: wintering

9. dustin o'halloran
song: opus 28

10. laura gibson
song: this is not the end

the winter mix is available
for free.

happy listening.


Mighty Burns said...

can't wait to listen when I get home!

kristin elena. said...

i really love that bon iver song. he is magical.

Anonymous said...

Number five is my favorite and makes me miss playing the violin when I was a kid. :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing! Lovely blog you have here!



Nicole said...

I love finding new music! Thanks for sharing, dearest!

Laura Keller said...

Love Laura Gibson and Joshua James... I'm excited to listen to the rest of the songs posted here... Thanks for sharing!