Monday, December 20


i have a few.
i'm debating a new one.
i currently don't have any with color... they're all black.
but i'm ready for some color.
i've always wanted to get a tree, for my own reasons.

i stumbled across this one day...

i don't even remember where i found it, otherwise i'd list the source.
(if you happen to know where this is from, let me know so i can give credit where credit is due!)

i think it's so pretty and feminine.

what tattoos do you have?


kristin elena. said...

do you have photos of your current tattoos? i'd love to see! i have 4 right now, all black too. no color, don't think its for me. they are:
1. dream in japanese on left wrist.
2. tiny owl drawn by sherri dupree on inner right ankle.
3. fairy type girl drawn by sherri dupree on right forearm.
4. macabre/tim burton-y figures drawn by sherri dupree on upper right arm.
5. to come! it will be a whale/mermaid drawn by sherri dupree. i'm thinking on my left shoulder/back area.
as you can see i'm a bit obsessed w/ sherri's work! i should really do a post on all of these sometime soon.

btw longest comment ever! but i really love tattoos. :]

J.P. said...

ooOooo! that is pretty! i like feminine tattoos on girls. i have quite a few floral tattoos along with a few creatures, lyrics and state love. show us yours!

ms. elisabeth said...

yay! i love finding people that love tattoos.
now i want to see pictures of everyones!
i currently have 4:
#1. a poem by george eliot in my handwritting on the inside of my lower right arm.
#2. a man looking to the sun on the inside of my upper left arm.
#3. a circle outline behind my right ear.
#4. a crow on the heel of my left foot.
i'm thinking i'd put the tree on the back of my upper right arm.


Brush Fire Fairytails said...

I love that for a tattoo is is so pretty and much more unique than a lot of the tree's people seem to be getting these day!
I have four tattoos but my biggest and newest one (an owl on my arm) took me forever to decide exactly how I wanted it.

Che said...

i have one tattoo - like a pretty scroll thing... got it done on a whim in thailand - i love it!
want to get some colour.. but im nervous I'll get over it!
think my next one will be a C (for che) on my left wrist.. maybe with a red heart.... still deciding :)

ms. elisabeth said...

yay for tattoos!


Kimbirdy said...

i have that photo in one of my inspiration folders on my computer... but i didn't write where i found it either - gah! sorry.

i have a little bird tattoo, flying away, on my upper back/lower shoulder. i love it! i have a couple ideas for my next ones, one of which is also a tree. all of my tattoos have very specific purposes. i love how tattoos tell a story, but unlike other scars, you get to choose the story you tell {either to other people or just yourself}.

Dani said...

I have a few...

*a taurus bull on the inside of my left forearm (The Boy's sign)
*a cancer crab on the inside of my right forearm (The Girl's sign)
*a moon and star design around my right ankle
*an owl on my left shoulder

I used to have an incredibly lame flower on my left shoulder (that the owl has since covered) that I got while drunk on Beale Street in college.

I want more.

with coffee & a pen said...

it's beautiful, rizzo. get it.