Thursday, November 18

home sweet home.

the husband and i have been talking about the future
and where we want to be in 5 years from now.
buying a home is one of the many things on the list.
i'm very picky...
but then again, so is he.
let's just say i know exactly what i want and i won't settle for anything less.
and same goes for what we'll fill our home with.

we've talked and looked and compaired time and time again about
OUR style as a couple.
i'm a sucker for originality & old/vintage.
he's a sucker for wood & modern.
we've come to the conclusion that this could be a massive disaster,
but are going to make it amazing.
mid-century vintage with a touch of modern is what we agree on.
{which seems to be more common than not}

we have a house full of furniture,
but nothing that we love.
it's more a bunch of stuff we just "ended up with".

we're working hard to save.
once we buy, we'll start from scratch.
furniture and all.

here are a few things we've got our eyes on...

{the wall counters - i used to have them as a kid}

one day i'll go on an amazingly great shopping spree
and post all my finds!

any suggestions for finding great mid-century furniture?


Sam said...

You could just come live at my house.

for now said...

Love love love all of this! Can't even wait to see it someday! ( and I love the planning ahead! )

lesley gordon said...

our style is similar. we've found lots of good stuff at flea markets... then refinished them a bit and put on new hardware. :)

like this dresser:

Caroline said...

Those are such great finds! My boyfriend and I have the same problem - he loves super future-y, sleek, modern furniture, I like things that look like they've been really loved [hard.]
The split-level house we bought was recently remodeled upstairs and it's fairly modern, so I feel like I've lost this battle, but on out "someday" house, I will win the war. Or lovingly compromise like the two of you :)