Monday, November 29

back to work. sigh.

there's nothing worse than going back to work after a long weekend.

especically a long weekend that i was able to spend lots o' time with the husband.
i love sleeping in with him and snuggling up in bed while the snow falls outside.
{we did a lot of that this weekend}
and it was nice.

in other news...
we get to play settlers of catan with our lovely friends,
chantelle & kyle tomorrow night.
i'm pretty excited about it.

what {board} games are you addicted to?


Kimbirdy said...

the mondays after a holiday are the roughest mondays of all. i hope yours isn't too bad. and i love that you got snow! i miss it terribly. throw a snowball for me will you? :)

nova said...

I love that settlers game...totally forgot it existed! I'm so gonna put it on my xmas list!

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole said...

I lurv snow, sometimes. Sometimes it's an absolute nightmareeeee. But it's pretty, so I can get over it.

for now said...

obsesssssed :)

somewhat nameless said...

sounds like it was a lovely weekend. ♥

Dani said...

Oh, mornings spent in snuggle mode are perfect.

Granted, we usually have two kids putting a bit of a damper on the mood, but I'll take what I can get.

The Mr. and I play a lot of Angry Birds on our iPhones...does that count?

the chirpy bird said...

I'm a Scattergories kinda gal! Just love it!
xox tash

Nicole said...

I totally know what you mean. This past Monday was the hardest Monday of the year!

One of my favorite games is TABOO!!!