Sunday, September 19

anniversary activity FUN!

so i know i've been a slacker this week with posts.
i'm finally posting the pictures from our anniversary!
brandon and i decided that we'd take turns each year planning the anniversary activity...
this year was my year.
i decided to surprise brandon with an anniversary hunt!
when we woke up i told him to get in the shower and get ready for the day.
while he has in the shower, i left and his little brother came over.
his little brother was his escort and was in charge of taking pictures of brandon's adventure.
i sent brandon to about 13 different places.
at each stop he got a letter from me, a gift and the next clue.
he went to places we've lived, places we like to hangout, and places that mean a lot to us.
his BIG wedding gift was a GPS... to help him find his way.
in the end he was blindfolded and met me at the house we were married.
i was waiting for him in my wedding dress.
i had a table set up with dinner, a table set up with our big TV to play a wedding video i made, and his last gift.
i made the same dinner we had at our wedding and bought samples of the same desserts we served at our dessert buffet.
it was so much fun.
and of course, we both cried like babies when we saw eachother in our wedding attire again.

here's brandon opening up his new GPS!

brandon & his brother, kyle, getting ready to go to the first stop

putting in the anniversary mixes i made him to listen to on his drive

on the road

the first place we had coffee together

kyle and chantelle gave him a gift, a letter and his next clue

..and it was so much fun!

kyle, kyle and brandon... being so manly

brittany and brandon at our first apartment

our old apartment

so fun!

sarah and brandon at our last apartment

kyle, brandon and peyton at cafe rio... because we love to eat there!

brandon, peyton, jessica and jeff after lunch

brandon and clyde at my brother's old apartment

this is were brandon asked me out on a date

brandon and julie at my old apartment in farmington
where i met brandon for the first time

one of the gifts brandon got at one of the stops

the mask i was wearing at the masquerade the night i met him

watching the wedding video i put together


brandon opening his last gift

1 year down.
forever to go <3

the end.


Delahunty Family said...

I love it! That is so sweet and thoughtful.

Chelsea Covington said...

Very sweet, I can't believe it's been a year!!!